Our expertise and precise knowledge in gold trading allows us to profit and survive, while others have blown up. Watching the market every minute can be troublesome and might not be appropriate for a wide range of brokers. We at Rich Net Funds use signals for trading. Our professionals have immense knowledge on the trading signals and have the capacity to focus more on the trading system and not waste time on searching and scanning for new doors. In this system, market changes will be refreshed automatically, thus providing exactness in gold trade. Our research on the gold trading and ability in accurately developing the trading graph has provided us the capacity to perceive how the best possible section point is resolved and explore which factors influence the activated trading gold signals.

Gold trading can be carried out 24 hours a day. It is done with the use of our highly developed Forex platform. We employ same mechanism for gold trading as well as Forex trading.

Gold Derivatives are contracts linked to the development of the gold-price. Derivatives are not physical gold, but only a claim against the counter-party (broker, bank). This claim is dependent on the solvency of the counter-party. Gold Derivatives offer a wide range of opportunities for short term oriented traders and hedgers, as they offer leverage or downside- protection. Futures contracts are traded on an exchange and the terms of the contracts are predetermined by the exchange and not customizable.

Sound judgment and years of expertise and hiring the best market professionals keep us one step ahead on futures market and see that we gain at all times. Our experts are well knowledgeable and have a record of making 99% profit on trading.